800 Tailor
What can I expect from my tailor?
Our tailor will come and take your measurements and requirements and provide you with a receipt.
How do I prepare myself for the fitting?
To achieve the best results, we always recommend that the client wears that item during the sizing done by the master tailor. This insures the measuring is accurate to best fit your tailoring. Any changes or requests are to be notified during the sizing.
How long will the fittings take?
Fittings will take anywhere between 15-30mins depending on the number of items.
How quickly would I get my items back?
You can expect your alterations to be made within 1-3 working days. New tailoring will be decided upon receipt of the items. We also offer an express service to speed it up, this is provided at an additional cost.
Do you provide us with fabrics for new tailoring?
We do not supply any fabrics at the moment, but we will be expanding our services soon.
Why are your prices given as a range?
We are not able to provide a specific price as it depends on the type of work required. This will be checked by our tailors and an invoice will be sent to you by email.
My recent order does not fit as expected, what should I do?
No Problem! Call us and we will be happy to take it back and fix it, at no extra charge.
What if it's urgent, do you provide an express service?
Yes we do, but the rates will differ depending on the work that needs to be done.
How do I pay?
We accept both Cash and credit card
Can I ask for something not on your services list?
Of course! We will always try to find a way to accommodate our customers.
Would you share my private information with any third party?
No, all your information will remain confidential.